Alumni Council

The real glory for any institute is when its past alumni re-visit their former ALMA MATER.

In today’s world it is next to impossible for the institution that has catered its each and every student for their very special years to re-communicate with its past pupils.

WOBS tries to shun this drawback of lack of communication with its past students by founding its very own Alumni Committee.

Here is a list of the current Alumni Council :

Name Batch Designation
Mohit Saigal 1990 President
Gurjyot Singh 1991 Vice President
Anurag Chadha 1988 Treasurer
Pavitra Arora 2004 General Secretary
Vivek Bansal 1997 Member
Arun Khanna 1986 Member
Rohit Jaiswal 1995 Member
Ankush Salaria 1997 Member
Ajeet Bajaj 2000 Member
Ankur Nigam 1996 Member
Udai Vashisht 1995 Co-opted Member
Gurpreet Singh Gambhir 1997 Co-opted Member
Saurabh Narang 1994 Co-opted Member for 1994 Silver Jubilee Batch
Ramanpreet Hora 1994 Co-opted Member for 1994 Silver Jubilee Batch
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