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  • Event Start
    29, Jan 2017
  • Event End
    29, Jan 2017
  • Location
    Bansal Residence - Kolkata
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    "A day well spent. Fantastic time bonding with old friends and making new. Thanx to Rupinder Singh Thind Gurjyot Singh Ankush Salaria and Ashish Gupta for taking the time out to come down to cal and thanx to the ladies Pratiti Bansal Shalini Agrawal Bansal Priti Singhania Todi for taking care of every small detail for the party. You guys make us look awesome."

    Go Welham.

    "Unity is Strength"

    The hosts Vivek Bansal (97) & Harsh Bansal (96)

    "Three cheers to Surya todi 95 batch,Harsh Bansal 96 batch Bansal and Vivek bansal 97 batch for sponsoring the Calcutta get together once again...Your love and affection is showing by the ever increasing attendance"

    Gurjyot Singh (91)

    "The atmosphere at the WOBS Kolkata get together is always so amazing and nostalgic"

    Rupinder Thind (88)

    "Amazing people...Thank you it was a pleasure meeting you all..and a big shout out to the host they were impeccable"

    Md Faizanullah (2006)


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