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    25, Aug 2018
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    25, Aug 2018
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    Two SUPW activities were organised on 25th August, 2018 (Saturday) at the following places in Dehradun.

    • Cheshire Home
    • Prem Dham Old Age Home

    These activities were spearheaded by this year’s Silver Jubilee Batch of 1993. They donated Blankets, Bed Sheets and Ration to these places.

    Round One of the SUPW activity happened at Cheshire Homes, today morning.. Mr Alfred Singh, Ex Teacher, was the Guest of Honour.. The Batch of 1993 distributed Bed Sheets & Blankets to the inmates, in presence of a few other Old Boys. Mr Rajiv Nagalia, another Ex Teacher of the school, also graced the occasion. The Old Boys will be proceeding to Prem Dham at 4 PM for the Second SUPW activity for another noble cause..

    Second Round of SUPW at Prem Dham Old Age Home. The Batch of 1993 distributed Bed Sheets and Ration for the inmates. Mr S S Khaira, Ex Teacher of the school was the Guest Of Honour at the event ... Mrs Rawat, also an Ex Teacher, living at the Old Age Home had a chat with the Old Boys.

    Three cheers for the Batch of 1993!

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