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    25, Dec 2019
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    25, Dec 2019
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    Welham Old Boys Society celebrates Christmas with students of Raphael, Cheshire Home and the residents of PremDham

    The Old Boys’ fraternity of the premier residential Welham Boys’ School, Dehradun organized Christmas treats for the students of Raphael, Cheshire Home and the residents of PremDham. The fraternity comprising of 2000 members and managed by Gurjyot Singh as their President, have been at the forefront of bringing joy amongst the less privileged. "Legacy and Traditions are the ethos of Welham. As a responsible Alumni of Welham Boys’ we continue what started at School as SUPW" says Gurjyot Singh the President of WOBS (Welham Old Boys’ Society). Rohit Jaiswal the Vice President added "that on every Monday and Wednesday we were privileged to visit Raphael and Cheshire Home and spend a quality hour with their students who are special children. The bonds that we built as students continue and its special to meet with the children some of whom we know by their names."

    Gurpreet Gambhir a member of the Executive Committee of WOBS is spearheading this effort at the WOBS Secretariat. "It is a must to build in nostalgia and do things just as we did them while at School. Accordingly our Teachers from the yester-years to be involved is a must. Ms. Harjeet Lally led the WOBS team to Raphael at 1100 Hrs from the WOBS Secretariat with Chocolates, Pastries, Pizzas, Coke and the Christmas Greetings of a 2000 strong Brotherhood of Welham. Similarly Ms. S. Chopra and Mr. Vinod Vachani will led the teams for Cheshire and PremDham in the evening" says Gurpreet Gambhir.

    The Society comprising of the Alumni of Welham Boys School have been at the forefront and have been involved with Social causes like supporting infrastructure for the Dribbles Academy of Gurugram, building Toilets for the Community, Relief work post the earth quake at Nepal, Building Kitchens for the Old residents of PremDham, Tree Plantation and the like.

    In the AGM of the Society which was held at the recently concluded Founders Day, the Society is aiming higher and hopes to construct a vibrant Club House for its Members shortly for recreating Welham atmosphere in their Social lives. As time goes by, the Welham Old Boys’ Society continues to grow "From Strength to Strength" and the ethos of Ms. Oliphant the founder of Welham lives on.


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