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    30, Nov 2019
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    01, Dec 2019
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    Welham Boys' School
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    Twenty-Fifth-Year-Reunion-At-the-82nd-Founders-Day- (Silver-Jubilee-1994-Batch)

    (Morning Assembly Prayer Book - Platinum Jubilee Edition, page 7)

    That’s a realisation.... most of decided to return to the land who’s in-depth contribution made us attain so much in our respective lives.

    As one enters the campus ... pebbles seem to stand still from time that we left school ... so much has changed and so much hasn’t, so much is there and so much is missing and so much new and yet so much stands over time... reminiscent of those wonder years that come once in almost everyone’s life and with advent of time ... it’s these wonder years that rightfully sow those seeds of purpose ...that consistently spread roots ... deep roots of belonging to a same soil.

    The Silver Jubilee Reunion certainly purposefully strengthened deep cohesive bonds within all of us and we collectively feel that as ex-students there is so much that we can and must strive to do for the school, it’s for this reason that relationship between School and Welham Old Boys Society must be strengthened as much and with a feeling:

    The Day Returns And Brings Us Back to Our Round Of Duties ...

    Our legacy and heritage need that cohesive responsibility, and that they must be aptly conserved.

    Welham Boys School - 82nd Founders Day was made amazingly special by all our ex-teachers, members of the fraternity and ex-students that came from far off places, to attend and be part of our Silver Jubilee Reunion and made it as unforgettable as those wonder years spent in school ...yes with most of you who attended.

    A big warm hug from the batch of 1994 as we pass the baton to the succeeding batch of 1995


    Saurabh Narang
    ( Ex. K-499 )

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